Thrifting Haul 7/26/14

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We went thrift shopping this morning. We had $20 in our pockets.
Macklemore - Kaitlyn

This morning we stopped and got our ice coffee and drove out to the local drive in. On the weekend they hold a flea market where people sell things out of the backs of their vehicles. We only bought from one of the vendors. He was selling DVDs for $1 each. We picked out four of them. The only one I really wanted was "Earth Girls are Easy." I had actually been planning to look up that movie on Amazon and adding it to wish list. I saved myself about $14. Not bad if you ask me. My only suggestion for buying DVDs or any discs when thrift shopping is to check the back of the disc, or if the vendor keeps the discs until they are sold ask to inspect it. This will help you save your money if the movie isn't playable. 

Our next stop was a large thrift store that sold a lot of collectibles.  I really lucked out here. Now here is a nostalgia moment for all you girls that grew up in the 90s. Two words... Lisa Frank. I remember having all my notebooks and folders and stickers having technicolor baby animals all over them. I have been searching for the perfect way to organize all my projects that I work on and this thrift store came through with a Lisa Frank trapper keeper for $1.50. Now I don't know if you've noticed but you can't buy Lisa Frank trapper keepers at the anymore. So the next option would be to go online and search for it. I found new Lisa Frank trapper keepers going for almost $300. More big savings for me today! 

After the first thrift store we came across a church yard sale. We found a Old School Olympus camera (i forget the name) for $0.50 Not Bad! expecially since they go for $50-$70 on eBay!   


Chris Also Decided he wanted this wheel of Fortune Game but he wasn't sure why.
For only $0.25 he walked away with it and a free cartridge in the game it self 
together both items where worth $100
"Nostalgia at its finest"-Chris

The next thrift shop we hit up had even more surprises for us. Chris found a PlayStation that he was able to talk down from $20 to $10. That will look nice in our gaming console collection. The best find all day however was a camera lens. We found it on top of a speaker and the lady that worked there sold it to us for a dollar.  After doing some research on it we got an idea of what this lens sells for. This is an item we would
have to have appraise, so hopefully we found something valuable there. 

At the last thrift store Chris found a portable bar for $3 that he just loves. I'm not really sure why anyone would need one, but hey, if he's happy so am I. 

I was hoping to find some clothes to refashion but it would seem only petite people have donated recently, which doesn't help me out at all. Maybe next time.
We love thrift shopping and we are pretty good at combing through the junk to find the treasures. It just takes a lot of patience and don't forget the hand sanitizer! 

Do you frequent the thrift shops in your area? Do you love to brag that you found the coolest thing at the Goodwill like I do? 

Whats the coolest thing you've found?
Let me know in the comments below!

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