Here's To You 2014

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Let me paint you a picture. It’s almost the new year, I dropped Chris off at work an hour and a half ago.  When I dropped him off I gave him a kiss and said "Well, it’s been fun..." and after an unnecessary pause I followed with "this past year." He looks at me and says "Don’t phrase it like that! It sounds like you’re breaking up with me!" This just goes to show you how I have a way with words.  I called my family to wish them a happy New Year and then I scrolled through Pinterest for a little while. With a dose of creativity in my system mingled with a large cup of coffee I decided to drive home and mentally prepare myself for the 2015. Fireworks flashed in the sky and the radio stations played mixes to help you party your way through the night. I settled on one that played a lot of Prince songs because I party like it’s 1999. Fast forward and I am sitting in front of my computer with the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy playing in the background. (Except in this version of the soundtrack you also get to hear the various explosions and crackles of fireworks from all the neighbors.)

It may not be the glamorous NYE party with all my friends and family with a champagne flute in my hand. But this is my own party. I’m bringing in my new year alone, but ready for what I can do in the next 365 days. Starting with another post tomorrow afternoon.

2014 started out as a rocky year, but I changed my situation and I ended the year happier than I started off.

So Happy New Year to all of you out there! I wish you all prosperity, happiness and tons of creativity in the upcoming year! I’ll see you next year!

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  1. Awesome Read and im glad to see you Blogging again!